The International Coach Federation (ICF) requires that all Associate Certified Coach (ACC) ACSTH, Portfolio Path or ACC certification renewal applicants be coached for a minimum of (10) hours over a minimum of (3) months by a qualified Mentor Coach.  

For the purposes of credentialing or renewal the mentor coaching process must focus on the applicant's coaching skills and not on practice building, life balance, or other topics unrelated to the development of an applicant's coaching skill.  (Please note that an applicant may have more than one qualified Mentor Coach to complete this process.)

If you are ready to take the next step in your ICF ACC certification or renewal application process, please join me for the ICF ACC Mentor Coaching Programs starting on [TO BE ANNOUNCED].  This program fulfills the ICF ACC ACSTH, Portfolio Path and ACC certification renewal 10-hour mentor coaching requirement.  The content and structure of the program also supports each applicant in the preparation for the Performance Evaluation and Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA) requirements as well, if needed.  For details about this program as well as information about additional bonus resources and support included in the package, please visit the Program Description and Learning Goals, Program Structure and Program Content links on this site.

***NEW OPTION!  Or, if you are interested in learning new coaching techniques to advance your skill set based on a deeper understanding of each of the ICF coaching core competencies, the option of attending only the live group teleclasses is also available.  (Please note that if you can attend a minimum of (4) of the live sessions, these (7) hours of work can be applied to the ICF ACC mentor coaching requirement.  1:1 mentor coaching sessions can be completed in the future with a mentor coach of your choice.)  All live group sessions are recorded and available for review regardless of how many live sessions you are able or want to attend!  (Registration fee - $458 for this option)