Additional Services Provided

Additional Mentor Coaching services are available and include the following:

ONE-on-ONE Mentor Coaching - For those coaches who have a requirement for private one-on-one mentor coaching sessions, this unbundled support is available.  These sessions will be up to 75-minutes in length and will provide the coach with the opportunity to receive feedback on their coaching skills.  This is an excellent opportunity to use these sessions to prepare for the Performance Evaluation recorded session which is a requirement for the ICF ACC Portfolio Path requirement.  PLEASE NOTE:  The ICF allows a coach to have more than one qualified Mentor Coach for application purposes.

     (1) 75-minute mentor coaching session  - $197
     (2) 75-minute mentor coaching sessions - $377   
     (3) 75-minute mentor coaching sessions - $530

REVIEW and FEEDBACK of ICF ACC Portfolio Path Performance Evaluation Recordings -
 For those coaches who would like to ensure that their ICF ACC Portfolio Path Performance Evaluation recording demonstrates each of the ICF Coaching Core Competencies at the ACC level prior to submission to the ICF with their application, this service is available.  Given that the ICF now requires all Performance Evaluations be accompanied by a verbatim, written word-for-word record of the coaching session submitted, this additional support service will allow the applicant to make sure the recording is acceptable prior to investing in transciption services.  The coach will receive written feedback for each recording reviewed.

     Review of (1) 20 - 40 minute recorded session - $143
     Review of (1) 41 - 60 minute recorded session - $170

Other customized mentor coaching services available upon request